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Equipment List

Our goal is to make cinematic videos for every client, no matter the genre.

One way we accomplish this is by investing in ourselves and in our equipment.
Below is a shortlist of a majority of the equipment that we use in order to produce the best quality content possible. 

Canon 5D MK IV 4K Camera

Blackmagic 6K Pocket Cinema Camera

DJI MAVIC Pro 2 (drone)

35mm Canon L-series 1.4/ f-stop

16-35mm Canon L-series 4/ f-stop

75-300 Zoom lens Canon 4/ f-stop

20-55mm DZO Film Parfocal 2.8/f-stop

50-125mm DZO Film Parfocal 2.8/f-stop

frfDJI Ronin - S

DJI Ronin M

Rhode Video Pro Mic

Zoom H1N Handy Recorder

Atomos Shinobi External Monitor

Siriu Tripod

Stay tuned, as we are always expanding our gear list!

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